lcgcAs what is informed in Kompas News on September  2013 that the Low Cost Green Car has become controversial news after appearance from government regulation no.14 in 2013 about incentive of sales tax in luxury items for Green Car production. The regulation indicate that car which has capacity under 1.200 cc and consumption of fuel oil at least 20 km per liter can be marketed without the tax. As a matter of fact, in September, Low Cost Green Car has appeared in transportation market. But, although the car price is cheaper than previous price, exactly it causes controversy among pro and contra. Accordingly, if we want to know both argument, we will find in this article how their reasons about controversial Low Cost Green Car.

Certainly, the government has good reasons for citizen about why they make policy about Low Cost Green Car. According to Economic Minister, Hatta Rajasa that Low Cost Green Car is a government strategy which has purposes, such as: to decrease consumption the fuel oil, to realize government’s commitment in decreasing global warming 26 % in 2020, and to strengthen automotive industry in Indonesia. On other hand, former vice president, Jusuf Kalla consider that prohibition the policy would lose a chance for people who has barely enough yield to buy car. He say; “ If the law cost car can cause more increasing traffic jam, can the high cost car also cause traffic jam?”. He add argument that traffic jam can be avoided with ways, such as; giving high tax, and rising tariff of parking place.

The policy government’s about Law Cost Green Car exactly cause polemic from other sides. The governor of DKI Jakarta, Joko Widodo said that the law cost car was a wrong policy. “The policy isn’t suitable and the correct one is decreasing cost public transportation”, his said on September 2013. He also consider that the law cost car would be more increasing consumption of fuel oil. Same as Joko Widodo, the builder headman of Gerakan Indonesia Raya Party, Prabowo Subianto also don’t agree with the Low Cost Green Car. It is proved by his said in the press conference on September  2013 that the law cost car wasn’t suitable in the city because Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya and other cities were very crowded. So, the government should emphasize cost public transportation like bus and train.

In my perception base on the both arguments about the law cost green car that I agree with contra argument. The policy isn’t suitable with condition in the metropolitan city and other cities. Especially Jakarta city, traffic jam in there has afflicted almost everyday. Production of law cost car will increase the problem of traffic jam. Whereas, the government hasn’t succeed to solve traffic jam problem but they make policy which cause traffic jam more and more. On other hand, if we look many car consumption, certainly it also will occur increasing fuel oil consumption. Whereas, previously the government have plan fuel oil control. I think the government aren’t consistent with their policy. The government should think over every policy and be more look over the condition to achieve important purpose.

Accordingly, in conclusion about the Law Cost Green Car that actually the government have good purposes to make easier for the citizen who want to buy car and it also solve global warming because the law cost green car is friendly with surroundings. But, the policy invite many controversial to contra-side. They don’t agree because the law cost green car will increase problem as traffic jam and rising of fuel oil production. So, the government should reconsider the policy and make better plan to the citizen.[Hikmah]


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