Recently, Death Penalty has become debate after the Council of Indonesian Ulama in the conference has given instruction on Death Penalty for Corrupters. This matter provoke argument from various circles and it becomes controversy issue. However, this issue is related to Indonesian fate which is caused by corruption problem which has been rooted in Indonesia. The instruction from Indonesian Council of Religious Scholar is a statement that corruption is a extra ordinary crime. Corruption can broke affairs of state. Whereas, the state should be more protection to the citizen. So, is The Death Penalty Effective for Corrupters? Accordingly, in this article will examine pro and contra argument about Death Penalty especially to corrupters.

Beginning to pro argument. There is Agus Martowardjo, a minister Department of Finance. He said that he agreed about Death Penalty for Corrupters and corruption must be responded by law clearly. This point can be said that Death penalty can prohibit corruption more and more. If Death Penalty is conducted, the official will be careful to corrupt. As a matter of fact, if we look development country which apply the Death Penalty as Arab Saudi, certainly that country has low level of crime. According to united Nations Office on Drugs and Crime on 2012 years that Arab Saudi has rate of crime only 1.0 per 100.000 person, while Finland has 2.2, Belgium has 1.7 and Russia has 10.2.

Other argument come from a member of Indonesian Legislative Assembly from The Demokrat Party, Didi Irawadi Syamsuddin said that he didn’t agree with Indonesian Council of Religious Scholar instructions about Death Penalty for corrupters. According to him that Corrupters must be sentenced severely as giving pauperization, taking riches and incarceration at the longest. Death penalty is not effective because it will inflict new problem if one of them aren’t guilty. In other hand, who is contra considered that Death Penalty is a penalty which lower human values and is contradiction in Human Basic Rights. There are appropriate to the Constitution or Republic Indonesia in paragraph 28 I: 4 about protection, furtherance, maintenance and fulfillment to Human Basic Rights and that’s all are responsible for the government.

From the Both arguments, we can give opinion that Indonesia must be more reconsidered seriously because this problem is related to prosperity Indonesian’s. Certainly, we know that corruption has been becoming the biggest crime because it has threatened prosperity nation of Indonesia. If the corruption is done repeatedly and the Corrupters feel undaunted, the Corrupters must be sentenced to Death Penalty. But, if somebody said that Death Penalty contradict with Human Basic Right, so in my opinion that the Corrupters don’t suit to protected. They should be destroyed for keeping the prosperity Indonesian. So, Don’t protect the corrupter while many societies suffer.

Therefore, those are some controversial issues about Death Penalty for Corrupters. There are various argument from some sides. The pro-side considered that Death Penalty must be given to corrupters so that it will cause effect to prohibit corruption and keeping the prosperity Indonesian. While, the contra-side considered that Death Penalty isn’t effective because it isn’t appropriate to Human Basic Rights which is in the Indonesia constitution. So, in my suggestion that the government must be more uphold the law to create justice in our country. [Hikmah]



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