bbm1One of mistakes in this moment which must be faced Indonesia is Rising Oil Price. This condition brings many controversy from various circles of society. Actually, the society must receive policy’s government whether they want to or not. Certainly, the government have a principal purpose why they take policy as that way which inflict the society. The various reactions from society is very incessant, there are pro and contra. Moreover, among pro and contra, there are abstain circle, they don’t say anything to government and just receive whatever. Accordingly, in this article you can find some opinions or reactions from society about The Rising Oil Price.

Belonging with pro-side, they are government certainly. According to them that actually they don’t want to rise oil price, but the condition cause to take the policy so that rising oil price is the right way. There are purpose of government about it; that the government no just want to save the national estimate, but to save public health, education, economic, social and other needs. According to society who are pro said that oil price must rise so that the society can be economize and efficient using oil. In other hand, the employees give opinion that they agreed about rising oil price, because it can decrease subsidy donation and donation can be change to society needs.

On the contra circle is who don’t agree about rising oil price, they are a part of government, housewives, farmers, students and other under circle of society. One of them say that policy of rising oil price is not effective, because it will increase poverty line of citizen economically. Besides that, other their opinions is said that rising oil price cause the poverty, unemployment and conflict is more and more. So, they consider that the government hurried in taking policy and just look for easy way.

Between pro and contra, there are abstain circle. Abstain circle is group society who is neutral to policy of government. They are belong to part of the educated society, middle and under circle. They receive whatever policies from government and just silent waiting subsequent developments. They said that they were happier if oil price won’t rise, but if the government want to rise oil price, they will say nothing. Therefore, they are inclined nothing opinion.

About some opinions above,   we can know that many society give reactions about rising oil price. The three reactions showed difference of opinions which influence condition of nation. In my opinion that the government must care citizen more and more. If they want to rise oil price in saving the national estimate, they must give aid for under circle of society. So, I take contra side because nation of Indonesia is more poor population and the government must focus to solve poverty problem in Indonesia. In fact, exactly the government don’t solve poverty but they add poverty problem in Indonesia.

Rising oil price occur in Indonesia incessantly. This condition causes some reactions from society as pro and contra even abstain too. Who is pro hope the government save  the national estimate so that the rising oil price is no problem. In other hand, who is contra hope the government don’t add load’s society and soon they solve poverty in Indonesia. Then, abstain circle also hope the government don’t rise oil price although they don’t care to the policy’s government. Thus, some opinion society become teaching in taking policy the government and the government must be more noticed to the citizen. [Hikmah]


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